First time in Muscat? 9 things to do on your trip to Oman

Have you heard about Oman? This jewel in the Arabian Gulf is home to fantastical mosques, dolphin-watching, clear mountain pools and a fascinating history. Whether you're looking for hikes and beach days or 17th century forts and Omani cultural tours, there is a lot to offer. Here is what you can do, see, and eat on a visit to the capital city of Muscat. 

Essential travel gear you should pack for your next trip

All you need to explore the world is your passport and a sense of wonder, right? Well, if you've ever walked down the travel aisle at your local store, you'll see that's not always the case. From inflatable neck pillows to crush-resistant suitcases, it's a wonderful world of accessories designed to make your adventure easier. But do you need all the custom-built travel gear, or should you embrace the way of the minimalist and see where you end up? If you're looking to invest in some travel gear or update your kit, here are the essentials I've found to be the most useful on the road and in the air.  

Exploring the Doha Fire Station art gallery and Cafe #999

Two red fire engines, a fireman pole and um, acrylic paint and falafel wraps? Doha's old fire station has been converted into a contemporary art gallery and café space - and an old fire engine is now a food truck! This trendy and intriguing mix of art and cuisine in a stunning industrial-chic refurbished space is a great stop on a visit to Qatar.

My Cape Town favourites (and farewell video!)

From gorgeous beaches to seaside running routes and urban parks, there is so much to love about Cape Town. This South African city is known for its stunning views and mountains, and welcomes visitors with a smile and delicious food. Here is a local's guide to some Cape Town favourites, after more than four years living in the city.