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11 awesome restaurants for vegans and vegetarians in Cape Town

Can you happily spend hours in a comfy booth, enjoying some plant-based goodness while people-watching through a nearby window? Cape Town, with its urban haunts and health-food spots, offers so many spaces where you can do just that. From burgers to deluxe brunches, dairy-free coffee to raw food, here are some great restaurants and cafés that offer vegan and vegetarian food in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Exploring the Drakensberg: What to do in and around Champagne Castle

Exploring the Drakensberg: What to do in and around Champagne Castle. South Africa's tallest mountain range, the Drakensberg ('dragon mountains') are home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, priceless rock art and a lot of eager travelers inspired by the wildlife and stunning landscapes. One of the tallest mountains, Champagne Castle, lies in a valley offering activities for any type of holiday. From horse riding, golf, bowls and tennis to white water rafting, quad biking and non-outdoorsy options (craft stalls, choir concerts and coffee shops), there is a lot to do, see and eat in this beautiful destination.

What to do in Darling

For a small farming town about an hour's drive from Cape Town, South Africa, Darling has quite a reputation. Do you know anywhere else that is simultaneously known for craft beer, an eco-friendly music festival, a wildflower show and a social activist who is best known for his performances as an old lady named Evita Bezuidenhout? From wine farms to coffee shops, here's what to do in Darling (and why you should consider a roadtrip).

First time in Cape Town? 5 things to do on your trip

First time in Cape Town? From natural beauty and urban haunts to historical landmarks, South Africa's Mother City has so much to see. Robben Island, Sea Point, the Castle of Good Hope, Long Street, trendy Woodstock and Table Mountain are all tourist-friendly and loved by the locals. Click through for all the sights, cafés, markets, streets and hangouts you should explore in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wanderings: The stars and stillness of Sutherland

On the fringes of the Northern Cape, nestled in between mountains, sheep farms and seemingly endless plains of desert shrubs, lies a tiny town. It is home to one main road (one of the only streets that is actually tarred), a population of 2030 (according to the sign), and the largest single optical telescope in the Southern hemisphere. Hello, Sutherland!