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8 awesome things to do in Doha in the spring (plus video!)

From food festivals to motorsports and gorgeous weather, spring is a perfect time to explore Qatar's capital city and beyond. Relax at Sheraton Park, take a stroll on the Corniche, devour eats at the annual food festival or head out to the mangroves to see some flamingos. Here are some things to do, see and eat in Doha in the spring (and a bonus 'travel with me' video!).

11 awesome restaurants for vegans and vegetarians in Cape Town

Can you happily spend hours in a comfy booth, enjoying some plant-based goodness while people-watching through a nearby window? Cape Town, with its urban haunts and health-food spots, offers so many spaces where you can do just that. From burgers to deluxe brunches, dairy-free coffee to raw food, here are some great restaurants and cafés that offer vegan and vegetarian food in Cape Town, South Africa. 

What to do while travelling abroad for the first time

It’s happening. You’re on your first international trip! It’s new and exciting, but if it’s the first time you’re travelling abroad, it’s also sometimes a lot to take in. Here are some tips on how to survive your layover, remember all the sites you see on your holiday, navigate a new country, avoid losing items while travelling, and appreciate your first time overseas.